IPlcValue Interface

Namespace: IPS7Lnk.Advanced
Assemblies: IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.dll

Represents a value stored within a programmable logic controller (PLC).


public interface IPlcValue : IPlcSymbol, IPlcEntity, IPlcStatusProvider, IPlcRelocatable<IPlcValue>, IPlcRelocatable, ISupportInitialize

Implements IPlcSymbol, IPlcEntity, IPlcStatusProvider, IPlcRelocatable<Relocate>(System), IPlcRelocatable<Relocate>(Int32, System), IPlcRelocatable<Relocate>(Int32, Int32, System), IPlcRelocatable<Relocate>(Advanced), ISupportInitialize

Name Description
Changed Occurs when the value of the Value property has changed.
Name Description
Description Gets or sets more meaningful information about the symbol and its usage than only using the Name property.
(Inherited from IPlcSymbol)
Name Gets the name of the symbol through that PLC data can be accessed.
(Inherited from IPlcSymbol)
Status Gets the status information provided by the software driver.
(Inherited from IPlcStatusProvider)
Tag Gets or sets the object that contains additional user data about the value.
Type Gets the PLC type information associated with the entity.
(Inherited from IPlcEntity)
Value Gets or sets the value assigned to the PLC value.
Name Description
GetValue(IPlcDevice) Retrieves the current value of the PLC value from the device specified.
GetValue(PlcDeviceConnection) Retrieves the current value of the PLC value from a IPlcDevice using the connection specified.
IsValidType(Object) Determines whether a specified value is acceptable for this IPlcValue.
IsValidValue(Object) Determines whether the provided value is accepted for the type of PLC value through basic type checking and also potentially if it is within the allowed range of value for that type.
SetValue(IPlcDevice) Stores the Value in the device specified.
SetValue(IPlcDevice, Object) Stores the value in the device specified.
SetValue(PlcDeviceConnection) Stores the Value in the IPlcDevice assigned to the connection specified.
SetValue(PlcDeviceConnection, Object) Stores the value in the IPlcDevice assigned to the connection specified.
ValidateValue(Object) Validates the specified value whether it can be assigned to this IPlcValue.