PlcBlockInfo Class

Namespace: IPS7Lnk.Advanced
Assemblies: IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.dll

Provides an abstract base class for provider specific information about blocks stored in a single programmable logic controller (PLC).


public abstract class PlcBlockInfo

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Name Description
PlcBlockInfo(IPlcDevice, PlcOperand) Initializes a new instance of the PlcBlockInfo class using the specified device and operand.
Name Description
Device Gets the IPlcDevice to which the PlcBlockInfo belongs.
Exists Gets a value indicating whether the represented block does exist within the memory of the Device.
Operand Gets the PlcOperand which unique identifies the PLC block its information is represented by this PlcBlockInfo.
Size Gets the size of the PLC block represented.
Name Description
Refresh When implemented in a derived class, refreshes the information of the block.
ToString Returns a string that represents the current PlcBlockInfo.