PlcStatusCode Enum

Namespace: IPS7Lnk.Advanced
Assemblies: IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.dll

Defines the different status codes supplied by the software drivers as result after each driver operation.


public enum PlcStatusCode

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnum › PlcStatusCode

Name Value Description
AccessMode -10 The supplied access mode is not supported or unknown.
AlreadyOpened -21 There has already established a connection to the device.
BadDataCount -32 The PLC supplied truncated data.
BadDataType -30 The requested PLC or PC type of data is not available.
BlockNotFound -34 The requested PLC block could not be found.
CpuNotFound -6 The specified CPU could not be found.
DemoOver -100 The demo period has expired (restart).
General -5 A general error occurred.
MemoryError -8 Failed to allocated required memory.
NoData 2 The addressed data area does not exist.
NoError 0 The operation completed without any kind of error.
Success 1 The operation completed successfully.
NoResource -2 The necessary memory could not be allocated (out of memory).
NotYetProcessed -88 The operation has been canceled.
PcBufferSize -20 The size of the supplied buffer is lower than the amount of data available.
PcS7DataTypeBadRelation -31 The requested PLC or PC type of data can not be transformed from one to the other.
RangeError -9 The operation failed upon a value range error.
ReferenceNotOpen -3 The reference does point to a connection which has not yet been opened.
SocketError -7 The operation failed upon a socket error.
NoBitArraySupport -33 The PLC does not support bit based operations.
Timeout -1 The operation has timed-out.
TypeNotSupported -11 The type or format of data supplied is not supported.
BadReference -99 The supplied reference does not point to any existing reference.