SimaticDeviceOptions Enum

Namespace: IPS7Lnk.Advanced
Assemblies: IPS7LnkNet.Advanced.dll

Defines a set of flags used to setup additional device characteristics to further adjust the experience when communicating with a SimaticDevice.


public enum SimaticDeviceOptions

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnum › SimaticDeviceOptions

Attributes FlagsAttribute

Name Value Description
Default 0 The characteristics typically apply to a specific type of device (see SimaticDeviceType and Type) and type of channel (see SimaticChannelType and ChannelType) to communicate with are used.
UseReducedPduSizeUtilization 1 Enforces a reduced utilization of the maximum possible protocol data unit (PDU) size in case there the device is not able to continously process read requests utilizing the whole PDU size technical possible.