OpcEncodingStackFrame Class

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Provides information about a OpcEncodingStackFrame, which represents the encoding / decoding operation performed on the encoding stack for the current encode / decode operation.


public class OpcEncodingStackFrame

Inheritance Object › OpcEncodingStackFrame

Name Description
Data Gets the data which is about to encode / decode.
Encoding Gets the type of encoding supported by the encoder / decoder used.
Exception Gets the Exception created or caught during the encoding / decoding operation.
FieldName Gets the name of the field of an Instance which is about to get encoded / decoded.
FieldType Gets the type of the field being encoded / decoded.
Instance Gets the Object instance its data is being encoded / decoded.
Message Gets the description of the outcome of the current encoding / decoding operation.
MethodName Gets the name of the encoder / decoder method in which the frame is executing.
Position Gets the zero-based position of the encoder / decoder within its underlying stream during the operation of the current OpcEncodingStackFrame.
TypeId Gets the identifier of the type being encoded / decoded.
TypeIdAbsolute Gets the absolute TypeId (if available).
Name Description
ToString Returns a readable representation of the stack frame.