OpcFileSetPositionMethodNode.FileSetPositionCallback Delegate

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

SetPosition is used to set the current position of the file handle.


public delegate void FileSetPositionCallback([OpcArgument("FileHandle", Description = "The file handle associated with the file its position is to be updated.")] uint fileHandle, [OpcArgument("Position", Description = "The new position within the file.")] ulong position);

Attributes CLSCompliantAttribute


fileHandle UInt32

A file handle indicating the access request and thus indirectly the position inside the file.

position UInt64

The position to be set for the file handle in the file. If a Read or Write is called it starts at that position. If the position is higher than the file size the position is set to the end of the file.