OpcNodeCategory Enum

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Defines the different classifications used to define nodes in the OPC UA address space.


public enum OpcNodeCategory

Inheritance ObjectValueTypeEnum › OpcNodeCategory

Attributes FlagsAttribute

Name Value Description
Unspecified 0 The category of the node is unknown and the use of the node is therefore not classified.
Object 1 A node used to represent systems, system components, real-world objects and software objects.
Variable 2 A node used to represent values which may be simple or complex.
Method 4 A node used to define callable functions. Methods are invoked using the Call service. Method invocations are not represented in the address space. Method invocations always run to completion and always return responses when complete.
ObjectType 8 A node used to define object type definitions for Object nodes.
VariableType 16 A node used to define variable type definitions for Variable nodes.
ReferenceType 32 A node that defines a reference as an instance of the reference type node. ReferenceType nodes are visible in the address space and are defined using the ReferenceType node category. In contrast, a reference is an inherent part of a node and no OpcNodeCategory is used to represent references.
DataType 64 A node that describes the syntax of a variable value. The data types may be simple or complex, depending on the data type system.
View 128 A node that defines a subset of the nodes in the address space. The entire address space is the default view. Each node in a view may contain only a subset of its references, as defined by the creator of the view. A view node acts as the root for the nodes in the view.