OpcReadVariableValueContext Class

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Provides variable node sensitive information and services about the system which belong to the current situation (process, thread, session, variable node, etc.) used for reading the value of a variable node.


public class OpcReadVariableValueContext : OpcReadVariableValueContext<OpcVariableNode>, IOpcNamespaceResolver

Inheritance ObjectOpcContextOpcNodeContext<OpcVariableNode> › OpcReadAttributeValueContext<OpcVariableNode> › OpcReadVariableValueContext<OpcVariableNode> › OpcReadVariableValueContext

Implements IOpcNamespaceResolver

Name Description
Empty Gets an empty OpcContext which can be used in cases there a session nor system specific context is not necessarily required.
(Inherited from OpcContext)
Identity Gets the OpcUserIdentity which belongs to the situation represented.
(Inherited from OpcContext)
NodeIdFactory Gets the OpcNodeIdFactory used to create new node identifiers using this context.
(Inherited from OpcContext)
PreferredLocales Gets a collection of preferred locales (see CultureInfo.Name) to use to localize data and information.
(Inherited from OpcContext)
SessionId Gets the session identifier which identifies the session within that the context has been created and is valid.
(Inherited from OpcContext)