OpcResultCollection<TItem, TItemContent, TItemContentList> Class

Namespace: Opc.UaFx
Assemblies: Opc.UaFx.Advanced.dll

Provides an abstract generic specialisation of the OpcCollection´3 which further restricts the type parameters to define a base for OpcResult types.


public abstract class OpcResultCollection<TItem, TItemContent, TItemContentList> : OpcCollection<TItem, TItemContent, TItemContentList>, IList<TItem>, ICollection<TItem>, IList, ICollection, IReadOnlyList<TItem>, IReadOnlyCollection<TItem>, IEnumerable<TItem>, IEnumerable, IList<TItemContent>, new()

Inheritance ObjectCollection<m> › OpcCollection<m, t, t> › OpcResultCollection<TItem, TItemContent, TItemContentList>


Implements IList<m>, ICollection<m>, IList, ICollection, IReadOnlyList<m>, IReadOnlyCollection<m>, IEnumerable<m>, IEnumerable

Name Description
OpcResultCollection`3 Initializes a new instance of the OpcResultCollection´3 class.
OpcResultCollection`3(IList) Initializes a new instance of the OpcResultCollection´3 class as a wrapper for the specified list.